Discover the Surprisingly Lazy Weight Loss Hacks Used by “Naturally Skinny People” — Caught on Camera for the First Time Ever!

My name is Jessica, and yes that was me in the picture.

You don’t know me, but we have a lot in common.

Ever since I graduated high school, I have struggled to get in shape.

I tried every possible diet and workout plan I could find.

Keto, paleo, gluten-free. Low-carb, low-fat.

Running. Lifting weights. Yoga.

Nothing helped.


And honestly, the worst part wasn’t that I wanted to be a supermodel or anything…

But my husband had slowly lost interest in me, and no matter how many times he insisted I was “still beautiful,” I knew deep down what he really meant…

He’d barely look at me in the bedroom. He’d watch tv, then give me a quick kiss on my forehead, say goodnight and go to sleep.

We were rarely making love. But, I knew there was nothing wrong with my husband…

I would catch him staring at slim girls in their tight pants when they walked by…

And whenever my skinny friends Gina and Jennifer were over, I couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at them.


It wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t his fault either…

I felt it was my fault.

I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, so how could he?

And my marriage wasn’t

the only thing falling apart…

If I’m being honest with myself, I have to admit that my self-confidence was burning down to a pile of ash.

And it ruined everything.

I could feel people staring at me in the store, judging me for everything I put in the cart.

People at work treated me differently… including IGNORING me for the promotion I obviously deserved more than the skinny girl who actually got it.

Even my friends were clearly embarrassed to sit with me in a restaurant!

I’m ashamed to say that I was ready to give up.

My life seemed empty and hopeless…

Until one day, my friend and I had a crazy idea, and we learned…

But before I explain how that’s possible…

Let me tell you about the miraculous day when I began this incredible journey.

I was hanging out with a “naturally skinny friend,” a girl named Bethany.

We were sitting on her couch, eating chips and salsa.

After hours of watching Netflix, I had to ask… “when do you normally work out?”

She laughed and said…

“I don’t work out.”

“Well, how do you stay so thin?”

Now… most people would have dropped it right there.

But we were watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians (I know it’s bad -- don’t judge me!).

And that gave me a crazy idea…

What if we set up hidden cameras and watched

“naturally skinny people”...

To find out exactly what they do differently from the rest of us?

man typing on a laptop

I asked her if she’d be willing to help me out.

At first, she was skeptical… but then…

She said,

“sure. As long as you dont put any cameras in my bathroom! ”

Then I shared this idea with some more friends.

Eventually, we had tons of people… both the “naturally skinny” and the ones who “struggle to lose weight”...

All happy to take part in this crazy experiment (turns out, I wasn’t the only one interested in why some people stay slim with seemingly no effort, while others can’t slim down to save their lives!)…

And here’s the most important thing we discovered:

Naturally Sexy Secret #1:

Skinny People Do Not Work Harder or Exercise More!

In fact, when we watched the hidden camera footage…

We were shocked to find out that the people who were overweight actually spent more time exercising!

And there’s a good, scientific explanation for that…

Because exercise is STRESSFUL -- and stress forces your body to gain fat!

So suddenly spending an hour on the treadmill every day only makes your body “freak out” and...

run dsgirl run dsgirl

...Hold on to belly fat like

a life vest in the middle of the ocean

Instead, the “naturally skinny people” spent their free time on the couch, watching Netflix, playing games, or just lying around.

They did exercise… but NOT the same way most of us are used to!

(In fact, a lot of them got all their exercise from SEX.)

And that was just the beginning…

Naturally Sexy Secret #2:

Skinny People Do Not Starve Themselves.

Time and time again, I saw the same painful scene.

Our hidden cameras revealed that the people who struggled to lose weight did the same sad ritual I always did.

They went to the fridge, looked for a snack… and FORCED themselves to starve.

people eat

Meanwhile, the naturally skinny group was eating chips and salsa, avocado toast, and even fatty snacks like cheese -- my personal favorite.

But then, there were a lot of other strange little details that started to make us question EVERYTHING we thought we knew about weight loss.

Naturally Sexy Secret #3:

Get the Right Candles to Lose Weight Fast.

This one is crazy, so stick with me.

We found out that the “naturally skinny” group often had a particular set of candles.

And that wasn’t all.

They watched certain kinds of TV shows, listened to certain kinds of music, and, strangely enough… ate their pasta a certain way.

And all of it added up to massive increases in metabolism!

Some people were burning twice as many calories just by repeating these strange, easy habits…

run dsgirl

It is NOT that they have a genetically faster metabolism than the rest of us.

However, they had certain ‘habits’ that resulted in huge boosts to their metabolism and made their body a fat incinerator!

Here’s a quick look at some of the 107+ strategies we found:

Sleep and Lose Weight: “naturally skinny people” sleep a little differently than the rest of us… and it can add up to losing 10 pounds or more in a year!

Stop Wasting Time on Long, Hard Workouts: You can ramp up your metabolism in just 10 minutes… and if you do it right, SEX counts as your workout!

Burn the Right Candle at the Right Time: surrounding yourself with certain smells can make losing excess belly fat almost effortless.

Fat-Burning Brain Tricks: it’s not just what you eat… it’s what you THINK! Learn the right mental habits to transform your body fast.

Music, Books, and TV: naturally SEXY people enjoy certain kinds of tv shows and books… and no, they’re not workout videos!

Surprisingly Lazy Metabolic-Boosters. Remember: the biggest surprise for us was that the naturally skinny, sexy group of people did LESS WORK… but they still enjoyed snacks, chips, and even chocolate.

And no… you do NOT have to do a hard workout in order to shed belly fat....

No matter how hard you tried in the past -- this system WORKS because...


It’s the natural method for

revealing the sexy body

you were born to have!

Believe it or not, everyone was born to be sexy.

After all, our entire species DEPENDS on the fact that you’re a powerful, sexy person who can naturally attract a mate.

But all the unnatural habits we’ve developed in the last 1,000 years have ruined our natural beauty.

It’s time to get your naturally sexy body back… the lazy way!


No Strict Diet.

No Difficult Workout Plans.

You Choose Which “Lazy Habits”

You Want to Use!

Each of these “lazy habits” is easy to use, and you choose which ones you do.

Of course, the more you do… the more you lose!

You can boost your metabolism by more than 2x using just a handful of these tips… and the benefits keep on ADDING UP.


And once we gave these lazy habits to the “naturally overweight” group…

People Started Losing Belly Fat

and Feeling Amazing.

More Confidence, Focus, & Happiness…

and Better Sex!

Experiencing the Secrets of the Skinny has been a mind boggling experience. I think the first biohack I used was listening to the music you mentioned in page 42 while eating and I was shocked that I actually felt full way before I usually do. I also placed the two ***** you mentioned on my kitchen counter and I found I could make do without the usual dessert.

Whenever I’d get a sugar craving, I do the 30 second trick you mention in page 57 and it really does work wonders.

In the first week I noticed my appetite and cravings were significantly down and I was waking up feeling much more rested. I lost 4 pounds first week, 6 the next, 3 the third week, and 4 this week so far!

Mariah Dawson

I’ve always been on the slightly plus size but after 3 children I gained almost 50 pounds and I found myself always too tired to do anything about it.

I heard about the Secrets of the Skinny through a forum and was intrigued cause it seems like a totally different approach to everything else I had tried. It’s been barely 8 weeks and I have already lost close to 30 pounds without going on a diet and definitely without starving myself!

P.S. Hack 33 “Shower like this to lose weight” is my fave :P

Jane Wilson

Losing weight isn’t just about how you look in the mirror.

It’s about:

Being able to wear cute outfits… and feel good about how you look… so you can finally walk into a crowded room and feel confident.

Having more focus and happiness to make every single day better… from killing it at work… to having more fun at home.

Improving your relationships, especially your ROMANTIC relationships, and living every day with more enthusiasm and excitement.

And most importantly -- it’s about breaking the curse of a slow metabolism with simple, easy, LAZY tricks that anybody can use starting TODAY.

In Just Weeks, I Became

a Brand New Woman…

The Kind of Person

I Used to Hate with Jealousy…

A Naturally Sexy Woman

Who Gets All the Attention,

Without Having to

Workout or Eat Rice Cakes!


My relationship with my husband is better than ever. He surprises me with gifts all the time and he just loves buying lingerie for me…which I’m happy to wear of course!

He no longer stares at other women and I can see him beam with pride when we’re walking together in public.

Actually, other men started noticing me and staring at me in public (something my husband isn’t fond of – lol!)…

Best of all I am confident wearing cute, sexy outfits and I can go shopping and eat at restaurants without feeling judged.

And yes, I eat WHATEVER I want.

before after image

Things became different at work too…

As soon as I got slim and more radiant, my boss suddenly started to notice my work performance.

He said, “I didn’t realize that you were actually our top sales person! There must have been a problem in the computers…”

I laughed in his face.

Then he offered me a promotion… the one I deserved to get months ago.

Instead, I took a job at a new company… making TWICE as much money!

Now, I’m not telling you this to brag about how amazing my life has become.

But I want you to know how EASY it is to reverse decades of weight gain, self-doubt, and disappointment...

I know some people will say that the way you look does not dictate your happiness. But look at the pictures below…in which one do you think I’m really happy?

before after image

I had zero self-confidence, I did not like the way I looked, I was tired and apathetic all the time…

My husband would keep looking at other women and barely wanted to look at me let alone be intimate with me…

When my company’s clients needed to speak to me on the telephone, they would ask my colleagues to connect them to the ‘fat one’…

And now,

My husband keeps me in bed an extra hour every morning…

I feel amazing, know I look damn great, and I have energy that I hadn’t had since my teenage years…

I get compliments from total strangers all the time, and suddenly all clients I work with know my name and always ask for me.

Best of all, I do not follow any strict or boring diets and I do NOT spend any time on the treadmill!

Let me show you EXACTLY how I did it…

We Put All 107 Lazy Metabolism Hacks into

One Simple System Called

bundle cover
And it’s available to the public for the first time - on this website ONLY.

You cannot get this guide anywhere else.

We’ve gone through HUNDREDS of hours of footage, watching closely to discover the difference between naturally skinny sex goddesses… and the rest of us.

It took over 178 days to put this all together… and you can download it instantly right from this page!


When you get your Secrets of the Skinny™ today, I’ll give you a few extra gifts to help speed up your transformation into the sexiest you ever!

Bonus #1 ($27 Value)
Metabolism Boosting Snacks and Shakes

This isn’t a book of broccoli and kale smoothies.

You’re getting some truly delicious snacks -- the secret weapons of naturally skinny people who love to eat!

Each of these mouthwatering snacks and shakes will turbocharge your metabolism to burn fat!

Things like:

Rich Hummus

Buttermilk Dip

Delicious Avocado

Authentic Guacamole

Superfood Trail Mix

Creamy Raspberry Almond Milk Shake

Mocha Shake

Superfood Detox Shake

And more!

combine book

Bonus #2 ($40 Value)
Metabolism Boosting HIIT Program

The amazing thing about this workout is that you can get it done in about 10 - 15 minutes.

And after that, your metabolism will go from slooow to FAST all day long.


(This workout is 100% OPTIONAL- you do NOT have to do it to experience incredible results with this book of lazy secrets!)

So if it’s not necessary, why am I giving it to you?

Because I the last thing I want is for you to waste hours at the gym every week.

So if you DO want to workout, make sure you’re using this method!

Bonus #3 ($49 Value)
Metabolism Boosting Hypnosis

Hypnosis is NOT just a magic trick

Doctors, therapists, and psychologists use hypnosis because it allows new thoughts to penetrate deep into our subconscious minds.

cd audio

With the Metabolism Boosting Hypnosis bonus gift, you will automatically turbo-charge your metabolism.

You don’t have to do any hard work or munch on tasteless foods. Your brain will “flip the switch” from a naturally overweight person… to a naturally thin, sexy, and confident person!

Best of all, the whole transformation happens ON ITS OWN.

Simply plug in your headphones and listen to the hypnotic sounds as your mind and metabolism is RESET.

Become a naturally thin person at the subconscious level today!

Your System is worth its weight in gold!! The proof is in the pudding; 19 lbs down in 2 months! Best of all I have actually been indulging myself more not less but I was making it a point to each day have at least 2 of the metabolism-boosting shakes and snacks you recommend.

Samantha Wilder

Mate your advice is bat$hit crazy. Smelling ******* candles and plates colored what?? I’ll be honest I felt stupid when I first bought this but joke’s on me. I’m down 8kg in 3 weeks and I’m doing like zero effort to control my appetite. What sorcery is this?

John Smith

I got the Secrets of the Skinny after my last visit to the doctor showed high cholesterol and hypertension, and I couldn’t accept that I would need to be put on 3 medications (statin, aspirin, and anti-hypertensive) for the rest of my life. My doctor agreed to give me a 3 months chance to fix my lifestyle and the Secrets of the Skinny did just that. With simply incorporating the hacks into my daily life, I’m down 54 pounds and yesterday the doc gave me the great news that my cholesterol and blood pressure are now back to the healthy range!

Deborah Anne Pearce

Some background about me: I’m 38, been overweight since college days but the last few years I have really put on the pounds. I had zero self esteem and zero libido, and I rarely went out as I just didn’t feel comfortable around people.

Then I got your SECRETS... I’ve now been following your lifestyle hacks for about two months and the results are spectacular. It also the easiest weight I’ve ever lost.

Simone Roberts

My Publisher Wanted

to Sell This Program for $89…

and I said “No Way!”

I know how hard it is to get by these days.

Most people simply don’t have $50, even though getting a naturally sexy body is truly PRICELESS.

After all, you can live a longer, healthier, and happier life…

Save THOUSANDS of dollars on medical costs…

And even $720 or more on your gym membership…

But right now, you might not have that much money in your pocket, so I want to make it as EASY as possible to start living life the way it was meant to be…

Confident. Sexy. Happy!

How This Program Works:

This is probably the easiest possible weight loss program in the world

Here’s how you use it:

1. Read the lazy tricks and delicious snacks inside the book.

2. Decide which ones you like the most.

3. Lose weight YOUR way, without difficult diets and workouts!

It’s really that simple!

And once you gain the self-confidence and radiant beauty you truly want…

You’ll agree that this lazy system is worth over $248.

After all, a few months of weight loss shakes can easily cost you $500 or more.

But I honestly LOVE the feeling of helping men and women who feel TRAPPED finally get the body they want.

So I’m going to take a hit here.

I’m going to offer this program for a lot less than it cost me to make…

The First 1,000 People Who Try the Secrets of the Skinny™ Will Get the Program for an Introductory Price of Just $27!

This is radically new program…

One that does NOT require you to workout a lot or eat disgusting, boring foods.

One that uses your body’s God-given potential to be lean and SEXY… with simple, lazy secrets we discovered by watching the naturally skinny on hidden cameras! (With their permission.)

You cannot get this program anywhere else…

And just for helping us prove how powerful this method is, we’re giving it to you for less than HALF of the ultimate price!

Get the Secrets of the Skinny™,

PLUS the Bonus Gifts

Worth a Total of $116…

And Get

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee Today!

guarantee emblem

Please don’t wait.

People everywhere are dying to try these “secrets of the naturally skinny,” and once we hit 1,000 people… that’s it!

We will have to increase the price.

So get your lazy fast metabolic boosters right now -- for just $27.

If you miss this introductory price, you won’t be able to get it ever again…

Act right now and you’ll be protected by my 100% money-back guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with these crazy amazing tricks for ANY reason, I’ll be happy to give you a full refund – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Just send me an email within 60 days of your purchase to get your money back.

But I know you’ll love your new body… and the lazy tricks that get you there!

bundle covers
try button

Jessica your pasta trick is my absolute favorite! I love pasta. Believe it or not I found out about your book while googling ‘lose weight without starving’ and boy has it been an eye opener. I still enjoy pasta 3 times per week but I eat it just the way you describe in hack #17. I haven’t done anything else apart from following about 15 other of your hacks (including hack #26 ‘do this with your fingers’) and I’m down 31 pounds in about 9 weeks!

David Dean

Here’s Why People Love the

Secrets of the Skinny™ System!

Not going to lie – my favorite part of your book is the intimacy chapter ;) I asked my husband to help me with this and he was happy to oblige! We started being intimate just the way you described (he loved it btw) and I’m down 28 pounds so far. Who knew the bedroom was so much better than the gym haha! Oh, I’ve also been having the snacks you describe to boost my metabolism and biohacking leptin with hack 95 but you just can’t beat chapter 12!!

Melissa Felice

23 pounds in 7 weeks thanks to Secrets of the Skinny! This works like magic!

Mary Anne Walden

Three months in and went from looking like the Michelin man to a stud, if I may say so myself. Actually had a couple of girls say that to me lol so must be true! Man life is good when you look good. I’ve got more energy, more ambition and my self confidence is through the roof. Thanks so much Jessica!

Jake Carter

A National Weight Loss Company

Offered to

Buy My Program for $50,000…

and I Said No.

But I Can’t Hold Out Forever!

Let me be honest.

This program is worth a lot more than $50,000.

The fact that I’m able to change lives every day and give people the beauty and self-confidence I know they deserve…

It just makes my heart happy.

But if this company offers me enough money, OF COURSE I’m going to sell it!

I owe it to my family to give them the best life possible.

There are massive companies that would love to take this program and sell it for twice as much money…

Or simply bury it forever to keep their profits going strong.

So please, don’t wait until they offer me an amount of money I cannot turn down.

Get your program now… and lock in your greed-free price of just $27.

Click that button now!




You have 2 choices…

and one of them

is incredibly dangerous.

Right now, you have 2 options.

You can either try out these lazy “naturally sexy secrets,” risk-free

Or you can leave this page -- and keep the same body you have today.

Option #2 is incredibly dangerous…

Because it means living your life full of regret, pain, and self-hatred.

You do NOT deserve to suffer anymore!

“Naturally skinny” people have been hiding these secrets for too long…

Even if they didn’t realize HOW they were staying sexy while being so lazy.

Try this program today.

If you don’t love it, you’ll get a full refund.

You risk NOTHING by trying it out… but you risk a life full of regret if you miss your chance today.

Try it now.

I guarantee you’ll love it!

girl selfie

Yours truly,

The NEW Jessica

I was never obese but after my son I gained those 10-15 pounds which I just couldn’t shake off. I work two jobs so going to gym or classes is impossible and I also don’t really have a lot of time for meal preparation or complicated recipes. Your system works because it involves neither and I just had to make a few tweaks here and there as you describe in your hacks.
In just over a month I have lost 13 pounds and I am finally back to my pre-babyfat days. Also been getting lots of looks from the guys at work hmmm…

Cindy Chen

After being told that surgery was my only option, check out what I managed to achieve with your Secrets! And no that is not my sister in the second picture, that’s me!!

Grace Carlton

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